Vinyl–“Led Zeppelin II”


Led Zeppelin’s “Led Zeppelin II” is a vinyl remaster of the band’s 1969 sophomore album. Here, audiences can get a clear earful of what made the legendary band great. Maybe too brief for some listeners’ tastes, the nine songs are Led Zeppelin classics. Among the classic works are “Whole Lotta Love,” “Living, Loving Maid,” and “Heartbreaker.” Each song contains the sonic elements Led Zeppelin is known for. From Robert Plant’s otherwordly vocals to Jimmy Page’s striking and nuanced guitar work, and John Bonham’s thunderous drums, “Led Zeppelin II” is a raucous celebration of rock ‘n’ roll.

“Whole Lotta Love”

This song should serve as an introduction to Led Zeppelin. The tension forged by the taut, driving guitar riff startles in its intensity. Even Plant’s vocals manage to grind and sear. The song showcases Plant’s vocal power in the breakdown. The stretched out syllables, the volume and intensity all set a heavy metal standard for belting out a song.


Many rock fans are used to hearing this song as the companion piece to “Living Loving Maid.” By itself, it still rocks. The song uses different moods and tensions to paint a picture of a woman who needs to go away because she is not good for the narrator. Her wrongdoings are relayed in a delivery style that at times has more in common with spoken utterances than sung ones However, it is all sung, but the straightforward manner in which it is delivered.
“Led Zeppelin II” is a classic. Whether listeners are longtime fans, or have recently been introduced to the band, all will recognize why Led Zeppelin has played the pivotal role they have in the development of heavy metal.

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