St. Vincent releasing a stripped-down, piano-driven version of “MASSEDUCTION” album


St. Vincent will release a remixed, stripped-down version of her 2017 album “MASSEDUCTION” on Oct.12 via Loma Vista Records (nearly a year to the day of the original album’s release), this time titled “MassEducation.”

“MASSEDUCTION’s” kinetic energy and androgynous sexuality brought Annie Clark wide acclaim and the album appeared on many best-of lists for 2017. This was then followed by the supporting and equally well-received “Fear the Future” world tour. “MassEducation” will involve Clark and collaborator Thomas Bartlett (also known as Doveman) on piano in what Clark calls a “reimagining” of the album.

In announcing the album, Clark shared a handwritten letter via social media chronicling “MassEducation’s” concept and creative process. Clark said that she and Bartlett “played two to three live takes, picked the best one, and trusted in the feeling of the moment.”

Earlier this year, St. Vincent released a reworking of her track “Slow Disco” titled “Fast Slow Disco” complete with a Zev Deans-directed music video. In promotion of “MassEducation,” Clark released another reworked version even slower than the album appropriately titled “Slow Slow Disco.” In a statement she said “Songs are living things. They grow, they evolve, they change their moods and personalities over time.”




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