New Led Zeppelin digital releases available now


According to, three new Led Zeppelin releases will mark the band’s 50th anniversary. The three different digital releases offer an education in Led Zeppelin history.

Fifty years ago this week, iconic rock band Led Zeppelin began recording their debut album. The significance of this can be revealed in the influence the band has had on rock band’s through the years, not to mention the times it has been sampled by rap groups like the Beastie Boys. Perhaps more importantly, Led Zeppelin crafted arguably great songs that have earned them fans across generational boundaries.

Led Zeppelin’s digital releases

The releases essentially appeal to different levels of fans, although any fan could find something to love about each. The first digital package is a career-spanning 30-track collection that is full of every Led Zeppelin song that fans have loved over the years. The next one scales down the number of tracks, but is still capable of providing a solid introduction to the heavy metal styling of Led Zeppelin. With 10 songs that represent the best radio fare that Led Zeppelin has to offer. And finally, there is a two-song collection that includes one song that was previously only available on a 7-inch recording made especially for Record Store Day.

Best of Led Zeppelin

There are always Led Zeppelin songs to get excited about. While few fans would agree on the “best” song by the band, the top several songs might be something on which most Zeppelin enthusiasts can agree.

1. “Stairway to Heaven”

The mix of melodic and heavy sounds, and lyrics that inspire deep, spiritual thoughts, “Stairway to Heaven” has been a radio staple for decades. The way the song uses tension to make listeners wait for the lyrical impact also adds to the memorable qualities of “Stairway to Heaven.”

2. “Whole Lotta Love”

The driving, classic metal sound is based on a heavy guitar and drum combination. Robert Plant’s legendary vocals demonstrate a variety of performance tropes. The powerful delivery of slowed down notes during the break is a nice touch and gives audiences something to cheer for.

3. “Immigrant Song”

Probably the most iconic Led Zeppelin song, “Immigrant Song ” is arguably the most distinctive-sounding rock song of the 1970s or any other period. The trademark howl at the beginning, coupled with the tribal-sounding drums, “Immigrant Song” manages to rock in all the best ways from beginning to end. It tells the story of the band’s visit to Iceland.

The digital collections are available for download and streaming on Spotify and iTunes.


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