On September 22, Canadian rockers One In The Chamber hosted their EP release party, with fellow Rock N’ Rollers Drop Top Alibi (who you can read more about here) at the Hideout in Toronto. After the success of their catchy single “Bills To Pay” (which you can find here), One In The Chamber has no intention of slowing down with the release of their debut studio EP.

The EP has been in the works for over a year, as the band tried finding a work life balance between touring across Ontario and recording at Toronto’s Phase One Studios (home to Rush, Alice Cooper, and The Tragically Hip). They’ve worked with Bango Tango guitarist Scott LaFlamme, and for this latest single they worked with Murray Daigle. According to their press release, the band is making sure the world knows they’ve got something to say with this new single and they aren’t afraid to bring Rock N’ Roll back to its “gritty and glamour roots.”

They describe this single, “I’ve Got Something To Say” as “a modern take on some of rock & roll’s greatest eras.” The band’s sound has already been compared to Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Soundgarden.

However, there’s an intensity to this single that indicates the band is stepping it up a notch. “Bills To Pay” played it fairly safe with its homage to the Rock N’ Roll greats and a catchy chorus. In contrast, “I’ve Got Something To Say” is edgier and quite unpredictable. It works as a slow build, but once it reaches the climax, it is well worth the build up. There’s a variety of sounds at work, both in tension and in harmony with one another, and for a Rock N’ Roll/heavy metal EP, there’s a lot to unpack. If the band has this much energy in a clean studio recording, one can only imagine the energy this type of song would bring to the stage in front of a live audience.

“I’ve Got Something To Say” is like three different songs merged into one Rock N’ Roll fusion, and it’s a thrilling ride.

It’s clear that One In The Chamber has something to say and, after this, we’re listening.

You can find the single below:


They will be touring across Ontario and Quebec, so if you like what you hear be sure to check on their upcoming live shows near you!

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