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Maxo Kream, born Emekwanem Ogugua Biosah Jr., reigns from the Lone Star State. His tumultuous upbringing from the streets of Alief, Texas is evident within his syrupy drawls and dirty south demeanor. In high school, he moved from the low end suburb of Alief and into Fort Bend. He first began rapping with his cousin Lyndo. As a rapper and producer, he began to gain major recognition from his “Rigamortis” remix and collaboration on “Mob of Gods” with A$AP Ant (YG Addie).

Affiliations and repercussions

As a multipurposed artist, Kream admires production from the likes of ScHoolboy Q and Kid Cudi. Another thing that he has in common with ScHoolboy Q is a crip affiliation. Growing up, Maxo identified as a member of the 52 Hoover Crips. As a matter of fact, this affiliation came back to bite him on his first tour. When traveling the country on Danny Brown’s “The Exhibition” tour, Canadian officials declined him entry into the country due to a Google search on his name. The search brought back countless results regarding gang affiliation.

A rough upbringing  stole the innocence right out of this Kream’s life. Rather than succumb to adversity, he used this troubled existence to his advantage. America loves a rags-to-riches story and hip-hop loves someone who is unapologetically hood. Maxo was able to overcome his shortcomings by putting authenticity into his rhymes and utilizing terrific breath control. As someone who never sugarcoats or fabricates his material, Kream gained the respect of his peers instantaneously. Houston old school legends like Pimp C, DJ Screw and The Geto Boys played an instrumental role in propelling his career to where it is today.

Kream developed an affinity for networking with important individuals. He became so good at connecting with like-minded people that many people would ask him to perform at the Texas legs of their tour. Two artists that brought Kream out were Chief Keef and A$AP Ferg (Turnt n Burnt tour).


Lucrative Houston drip

Kream often raps over MexikoDro beats and his first extremely popular song titled Fetti featured Playboi Carti and Da$h. Actually,  Kream was the catalyst between Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky’s first in person interaction. The “Fetti” video was shot in Rocky’s mansion home. Kream was also one of the early artists who received support from A$AP Yams who had an unparalleled ear for discovering musical talent and encouraged him to keep pursuing the path of Houston hip-hop.

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Between the old-school Houston sounds and the new school A$AP Rocky “trill” type movement, Kream stands firmly at the intersection of the two. At 26 years old, he often refers to himself as the bridge between the old and new school. As a genuine street dude, he earns the respect of everyone around him by remaining true to the game.

“Punken”- – Kream’s debut project

After a mixtape streak that spanned a few years and spawned about five tapes, Kream finally released his debut album. “Punken” came out Jan. 12, 2018 and is also his childhood nickname. This visceral collection of songs deals with his upbringing and goes into great detail about encounters with those immediately close to him. It deals with his juvenile delinquency without any sense of sentimentality. He candidly raps about disobedience and duality of being. He turns a linear album into a cycle of raps that discuss a damaged perspective and traumatic experiences. The album is comprised of gory details surrounding home invasions and sinister reenactments of Houston life. We get to know every member Kream’s family better as this album goes into painstaking detail about his corrosive childhood.


Authenticity is a core component of Kream’s overall nature. As a product of Houston survival, loyalty is the premium theme that rings true throughout Kream’s catalogue. He is an inspiring observationalist who goes into deep, granular detail on every track.


What separates Kream from the Soundcloud generation is his able to spit clear and loquacious elocution. Also, his execution speaks volumes about the way which he was able to traverse from the trials and tribulations of the street into a lifestyle that allows everyone around him to flourish. During Hurricane Harvey, he was attending the Mayweather versus McGregor fight and felt devastated. To be in a position where he was unable to help, he felt rather hopeless. His mother was stranded for days in the aftermath of the Harvey wreckage. Rest assured, Maxo flew to the scene of the catastrophe and instantly picked his family up out of the turmoil. Kream holds down his kinfolk and does everything in his power to assure their well-being. Not three days later, he had purchased a new home for his mother and put everyone back on their feet.

As a self-aware hip-hop star,  Kream has an intense sense of responsibility and commitment. His street persona greatly differs from his goofy and playful demeanor. Although, intimidation is his appeal, he is able to grip his audience from just being original and sticking to his roots. His main audience is white hipsters and oddballs but that does not lead him astray. His ominous chopped and screwed noir plays a major factor in redefining the genre of rap and hip-hop.

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