Independent artists now have direct access to Spotify – – no distributors needed


In what must be some of the best news that independent artists have heard since the creation of Soundcloud, Billboard reports today that Spotify will allow “indie” artists to upload music directly to the service. This action bypasses distributors and gives artists more access to greater audiences.

Spotify For Artists: a revolution?

There is a process and a platform for allowing more artists to have access to Spotify. The music streaming company is picking artists to beta test the program. Those selected can use their Spotify for Artists accounts to upload their music. According to Billboard “the program…has been quietly tested with a small group of artists – – including Noname, Michael Brun, VIAA and Hot Shade.”

Next, the invitation will be available to “a few hundred independent artists.” If the program goes as smoothly as it sounds like it could, there could be a revolution in how new music acts and fans find each other. And in this case, the “new” actually refers to bands that might not be heard of anywhere outside of their hometowns or their basements. In addition, it would seem that using Spotify For Artists would allow fans to play an active role in helping to grow an artist’s fan base. Considering how Spotify is linked to most users’ Facebook accounts, and users can choose to let people see when they are online and listening, it is not a stretch to consider that when users share an artist with friends, or when people see that their friends are listening to a specific artist, that they might want to check that artist out, too.

The idea of Spotify For Artists is so new that any enthusiasm for the platform has to be tempered with a “wait and see” attitude. But the idea is a great one. If fans are fortunate, everything will go as predicted with the program. The payoff for musicians though, is the greatest. With all the complaints against the workings of the music industry and how in some cases it keeps talented artists from the marketplace, Spotify For Artists is a necessary tool for artists to continue to release new music in ways that are fair to them.


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