Bollywood’s Street Performers


I am sure most of you would have heard about the Kiki Dance Challenge. Kiki Dance Challenge involves getting out of a moving car and dancing to the tune of Drake’s In my feelings… Recently, some people were hurt performing the Kiki Dance Challenge. Dance is actually a feeling that comes from the heart. Some people’s body language is akin to dance. Bollywood movies are famous for dance pieces. Thus, Bollywood’s Street Performers have achieved success much before the Kikis came.

Bollywood’s Street Performers:

Following are some of my favorite Bollywood songs involving street performers:

Tujhko rakhe Ram… Ankhen (1968) In this song, the heroine and her colleagues disguise as street dancers and are in search of the kidnapped hero.

Leke pehla pehla pyar… CID (1956)

Boojh mera kya naam re… CID (1956) Minoo Mumtaz is not strictly a street performer performing for money. She performs in the wilderness for her satisfaction.

Deewane hain deewanon ko na ghar chahiye… Zanjeer (1973)

O Babul pyare… Johnny Mera Naam (1970) The heroine is disguised and appears near the villain’s den to search for her long-lost father.

Badi door se aaye hain… Samjhauta (1973)

I am a street dancer… Ilzaam (1986)

Goron kin a kaalon ki… Disco Dancer (1982)

Is duniya mein sab chor… Bhai- Bhai (1956)


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