Streetlamps for Spotlights’ new music displays maturity and cool


Streetlamps for Spotlights is back with a new album. “Millennium Summer” is a rocker with a sometimes 1970s vibe, especially on the title track. The band sounds as if they have been imbued with renewed energy and artistic vision.
The band’s title track is stunning in the way it mixes the elements that Streetlamps for Spotlights are known for: insistent bass, driving guitar that stops just shy of noodle-y, and drumming that reminds listeners that the band comes from a post-punk tradition. This time, slight tweaks in the soundscape have rendered “Millennium Summer “ more 1970s-ish than some listeners were expecting.

The sound of “Millennium Summer “ by Streetlamps for Spotlights
For those familiar with Streetlamps for Spotlights’ body of work, one of the first elements that they will notice is a kind of maturity that has crept into the trio’s music. Maturity here doesn’t mean that the work is unfinished or lacks something essential. Instead, it refers to a kind of angst that creeps into certain examples of post-punk. That angst is not present on the title track from “Millennium Summer.”
“Millennium Summer” brims with a kind of cool that has taken its cues from 1970s rock. Each aspect of the soundscape leans into its space with a confidence that works. The vocals are a little bit distorted, but that adds to the vibe.
For those inclined to dancing, there is a groovy rhythm for that, too. The video for the song looks as though it has been filmed somewhere in the Midwest, likely Ohio or Indiana. This, too, adds to the band’s style.
But for those who appreciate effective exchanges between bass and guitar, this song checks that box, too.
In all, “Millennium Summer” shows a new cool sound for Streetlamps for Spotlights that isn’t a complete departure. It’s new music worth waiting for that raises the bar for Fort Wayne bands.

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