Bollywood Celebrates Ganeshotsav

Bollywood Celebrates Ganeshotsav
Bollywood Celebrates Ganeshotsav

Bollywood celebrates Ganeshotsav, from today for 10 days. But, before that, we need to understand the birth of the God. Goddess Parvati made a son out of the dirt on Her body. Some say that it was the sandalwood paste that She had applied on Her body from which she made a boy. Anyways, a son was born and he was left as a guard as She went into Her private quarters. Lord Shiva came there and was offended due to the presence of the guard. After a fierce battle, the Lord chopped off the head of the boy.

When Goddess Parvati found out what had happened, She was furious. To placate Her, Lord Shiva ordered the Devas to get the head of the next person or animal that they saw. The Devas found a little elephant sleeping nearby and brought its head. Lord Shiva installed the head of the baby elephant on the boy’s neck and infused life into him. The boy was since then known as Lord Ganesha. All the Devas gave the newborn elephant-boy several powers.

Many of our Western-bred readers may find this story a little bizarre. But, even your Bible’s New Testament is also filled with several miracles performed by Jesus. There are a few things we need to let go and not dig into much. Maybe there will be someone, who might find the reality behind these incidents. What say?

Bollywood Celebrates Ganeshotsav:

There were very few dedicated Bollywood songs on the theme of Ganeshotsav in the times of yore. More recently, there has been a spate of them. Thus, I am sharing 2 older songs, which are my favorites, with some of the recent ones here:

Deva ho Deva Ganapathy Deva… Humse Badhkar Kaun (1981)

Murti Ganesh ki… Takkar (1980)

Muqabala muqabala… Marte Dam Tak (1987)

Aala re aala Ganesha… Daddy (2017)

Gajanana… Bajirao-Mastani (2015)

Bappa… Banjo (2016)

Jalwa… Wanted (2009)

Deva Shree Ganesha… Agneepath (2012)

Hey Ganaraya… ABCD 2 (2015)


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