Aasman ke neeche – Lata/Kishore – S D Burman – Vaijayantimala/Dev | Jewel Thief (1967)



This song Aasman ke neeche appears in 1967 hit spy thriller Jewel Thief produced by late Dev Anand and directed by late Vijay Anand. The movie starred Dev Anand, Vaijayantimala, late Ashok Kumar, late Nazir Hussain, Tanuja, Helen, Faryal, Anju Mahendru, etc.

Vinay (Dev Anand), an ordinary young man, lives with his father police commissioner (Nazir Hussain) and his mother in Bombay (Mumbai now). His father is upset with him for not learning any skills and spending his time only examining precious stones and jewelry. In this scenario, there is a jewel thief, who baffles them continuously. Vinay’s parents are surprised when they get to know that he has secured a job with the leading jeweler Vishambarnath at a salary of Rs.10000. Vinay also meets Vishambarnath’s pretty daughter Anjali (Tanuja).

The jubilation is short-lived and Vinay begins to be constantly mistaken for a similar looking jewel thief Amar. Even a girl called Shalini (Vaijayantimala) comes forward to claim him to be Amar, her fiancé. Vinay proves that he is not Amar and helps them and the police in finding the elusive Amar. Vinay and Shalini initially become friends. Shalini gifts him a suit of a trifle different style than his. They go on a small picnic together and she remembers Amar, whose style created ripples in her heart. She also remembers how Amar had strung together some words into this song. Vinay teases her in reply through the song itself.

Song – Aasman ke neeche:

The music of this song was composed by late S D Burman and the lyrics were penned by late Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Though a typically romantic song, the man teases the girl about her boyfriend and his creativity in this song.


Cinematography is by V Ratra and he has captured the beauty of Sikkim very well.

The video begins with Dev Anand lying on the grass with his cap on his face and Vaijayantimala sitting nearby on the grass. She smiles and begins the song. He pushes his cap up and repeats her lines. He gets up and claps his hands a la qawwali!

Vaijayantimala gets offended and leaves. He stops her in her tracks and begins to sing the song. He keeps chasing her between trees and she joins him in the song. While they are walking together and singing, she steps on one of his feet and he keeps jumping on one leg!

He limps to the shadow of a large plant and they sit there with their backs facing each other. They get up and walk together on the grass under the shade of the large plants in the garden. The song peters out and the video ends as they are again sitting together on the grass.


The playback has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar and late Kishore Kumar. The onscreen performances are by Vyjayanthimala and Dev Anand.

Cultural influence:

This is a romantic song between the hero and the heroine of the movie. The lead pair is legendary and the location is pleasing to the eye. Above all, the song is all the more melodious. It is watchable for the same.


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