“Rap Devil” by Machine Gun Kelly takes aim at Eminem


While Eminem fired serious shots at rappers he doesn’t like on “Kamikaze,” one of his targets, Machine Gun Kelly is firing back. On a track called “Rap Devil,” MGK addresses almost every aspect of the “8 Mile ” rapper. From his name, to his wealth, to his age and sanity, nothing seems sacred.

The interesting or sad aspect of the whole thing is that Machine Gun Kelly acknowledges that he used to think of Eminem as an idol. And now, he views the Michigan native as a rival.

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem: anatomy of a diss

Machine Gun Kelly goes on for four verses about what he perceives as Eminem’s flaws. In between are a repeated chorus and a bridge. The length indicates that MGK is serious in his attack. Meaning, this is no publicity stunt. It could be, but it doesn’t sound like it. Aside from the lines about Eminem’s age, some of the disses are somewhat funny. However, Machine Gun Kelly does seem envious of Eminem’s material success and entertainment  industry awards. That Eminem is rich seems to really MGK. The Cleveland rapper insinuates that wealth prevents Eminem from being hungry enough to make good music. Weirdly, Machine Gun Kelly also comes for Eminem for his writing process. He mocks Eminem for using a “dictionary” and calls him a “dweeb.”

More serious aspects of the song accuse Eminem of being able to get and sustain a career without Dr. Dre and of having an affair with another rappers girlfriend, and being afraid to ask Rhianna out–the latter seems normal. It is difficult to imagine any man asking Rhianna out.

What happens next? : Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly

Already, it has been reported that Eminem is working on a response. Other rappers have indicated in documentaries and elsewhere that Eminem is a fierce rap battles, and not someone to come up against.

Still, the public wants to hear what happens next. Those who are jealous of Eminem, or who are just not his fans no doubt enjoyed hearing Machine Gun Kelly go hard at Eminem. However, a provocation like this is certain to prompt a response from Eminem, and the listening public is here for it.


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