Breaking barriers & stigmas: BROCKHAMPTON


Destroy their perception

America’s perception of a boyband most likely dates back to the era when groups like NSYNC, Backstreet Boyz and 98 Degrees thrived within the early structural soundscapes and fresh musical spheres. In 2017, Brockhampton illustrates its take on the connotation and structure of a “boyband.” Operating with major differences among members and melding their sound into a diverse and eclectic groove, this group sets a whole different tone. The difference comes down to the fact that Brockhampton is far from the traditional mold of an American boyband.

Brockhampton shares a diverse range of identities and are deeply interpersonally connected. Each member accepts his specific role and does it with the utmost proficiency. Not every member is musically inclined, some fulfill a “behind the scenes” type of responsibility. Brockhampton is comprised of artists, coders, party promoters and website updaters. Their combined efforts and common goals have surmounted into stable work ethics, comprised visually attainable objectives and branded creative environments designed for flourishment.


Originally, this group’s primary source of communicative collaboration was the Internet. Actually, it was the originator of their entire group existence. Many of the guys worked regular 9-5 jobs and would produce beats and/or records as a side hobby during their downtime. Brockhampton materialized via an online hip-hop forum, “Kanye to The.” It all started with the question: Anybody want to make a band? The importance resides in the quality as they gained access to talented musicians. Through multiple forums, private messages and submitted information via e-mail, this band into fruition.

Many of the members have been practicing their skills and building their catalogues since teenage years. Kevin Abstract’s collection contained a solid treasure trove of independently formed material and served as rapport for bringing together more than fifteen different individuals. To view the original thread that initially set the first domino to fall into place navigate here.

Mold of Brockhampton

Brockhampton intends to redefine the structure of hip-hop through emotion, empathy, heavy bass, controversy, sex and pain. They have gathered inspiration from the likes of Wu Tang Clan and Odd Future as they steer themselves away from the title of “collective.” The members began to fully coexist once they all moved from San Marcos, Texas to South Los Angeles. They refer to their house in L.A. as a “factory’ that yields songs, videos and all types of inclusive and productive projects.

The group really started to gain some traction when originator and lead member, Kevin Abstract landed himself on the ticket for Tyler the Creator’s “Camp Flog Gnaw.” Within each and every significant moment of their boyband existence, Brockhampton continues to progress. They are historically redefining what it means to be a modern day boyband and continuously take the world by storm with shock and awe. They successfully programmed their own mobile app, designed unique culture shifting merchandise and launched their own countrywide tour.

Leaps and bounds ahead of the boyband persona

Brockhampton moves at an infinitely efficient pace in order to remain ahead of their competition. Their members sacrifice hours of sleep in order to shift it into another gear and maintain a radically abundant output of music. Their music defies all genres through its ability to obliterate cultural norms and stereotypes and symbolizes unity amongst all types of different characters. The embrace of ultimate self-acceptance and positive energy emission has led this boyband to resonate with the American public.

Defying odds

Brockhampton has grown to defy the conventional stigma of a boyband. Between members there are eclectic beings who are white, African-American, Ghanian, Middle Eastern and Mexican. They are truly a beacon of opportunity and represent anything but the illusion of an “American Dream.” This group sustains success with an authentic movement, in-house production and dynamic camaraderie.

Their dream of the hypothetical picture of America is one that stretches far beyond the ramifications of historical oppression, socioeconomic status and mental health concerns. They shift perception and of every audience involved and try to shed light on issues such as brutality unrest and injustice. Their performance activity and energy is unlike any other and they categorically decline any stigmatization around issues such as rape, racism, homosexuality and poverty. Their straight

The raw authenticity make them boyband pioneers who communicate their feelings openly and would rather use their music and political stances to unite instead of divide. They openly rocked the crowd of thousands and served as one of the unexpected fan favorites at this past year’s Coachella.

Catch their show, “American Boyband” every Thursday at 10:30, on VICELAND.


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