Eminem drops surprise album “Kamikaze” has bars for youngins


Eminem releases “Kamikaze” out of nowhere and other rappers run for cover.


A little bit past midnight EST on August 31 Eminem made the following announcement on Twitter:

7 hours before that Eminem posted this video to his Twitter account:


The last track on the album is titled “Venom” and it is from the motion picture. The movie comes out October 5, 2018 so ostensibly “Kamikaze” is a tie-in with the film. Except not really because Eminem isn’t here to promote some film. He’s here to take souls.

As Paul Rosenberg notes (you knew damn well there was a Paul skit) Em made an album to go at anyone who didn’t like “Revival”, his 2017 album.

[pseudo-related: I might be one of those people.]

Kids these days

I turned on the first track, “The Ringer”, and Eminem was busy eviscerating rappers. He name drops Lil Yachty as someone whose music he doesn’t like. Lil Pump and Lil Xan are mentioned for emulating Lil Wayne. Those aren’t the only rappers Em is after though; basically, he calls out anyone not named Kendrick, Cole or Sean.

It doesn’t stop there though. Em drops bars for the media who panned his album and for the highest office in the land who apparently sent a probe to investigate the Detroit MC.


On the next song, “The Greatest”, Em addresses the slight beef with Die Anterwood and continues to roast what hip-hop has turned into.


The third track is “Lucky You” and Em is still heated. He really was so angry that he had to open the album with three straight songs attacking his detractors. He finally let up after the Paul skit.

This hip-hop age divide thing is heating up. First “1985”, then a rebuttal from YBN Cordae and now “Kamikaze.” That surgical summer Pusha T promised has arrived albeit a bit late.

I’m going to finish listening to the album now. I bet Em isn’t done.


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