Avenged Sevenfold sneak previews new music


Depending on where audiences live, they might have just started hearing Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail to the King” on the radio. The song originally appeared on the band’s 2013 album of the same name. More recently, “Hail to the King” was pre-packaged to appear on 2016’s “Best of 2005-2013.”

The band’s most recent album of new music is “The Stage.” It, too, is from 2016. In several ways, “Hail to the King” is classic heavy metal from the band that often tries to do new things stylistically.

In addition, Avenged Sevenfold has contributed music to the video game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” The group contributes songs to both the second and fourth versions of the game. The fourth one is a new release set for Oct. 12, 2018. The song that Avenged Sevenfold is contributing to the latest version of the video game is as yet unnamed.

About Avegned Sevenfold

The California-quintet formed inĀ  Huntington Beach in 1999. The group’s style of heavy metal attracted audiences, which contributes to the great number of albums sold.

The band’s five members are M. Shadow, vocals; Zacky Vengeance, rhythm guitar and backing vocals; Johnny Christ, bass and backing vocals, and Brooks Wackerman on drums.

The band’s lineup waa shaken in a significant way when drummer James “The Rev” Sullivan died. The album “Hail to the King” contains a tribute to the late musician.

Together, the group plays a brand of heavy metal that sonically engages even those who don’t agree with their lyrics.

Avenged Sevenfold: new music and a canceled tour

More than a month ago, the band released a statement announcing that their summer tour was canceled. Loudwire.com reports from the band’s statement, that the reason for the cancellation was singer M. Shadow’s infected vocal chordsĀ  (from a viral source ).

It would seem that with a canceled tour, that no new music would be forthcoming. That would be the typical line of reasoning. However, Avenged Sevenfold’s success has been anything but typical. And, when few people were paying attention, the band slipped in fewer than 20 seconds of new material into a four-minute clip featuring interviews and candid tour footage.

The video can be seen at Loudwire.com. The website’s description is helpful, but viewers still risk missing the new music. But it does appear at almost the four-minute mark. The music changes, and a dark, moody riff takes over. It is alone until the drums start. But that’s it. But if that tiny bit is any indication, the upcoming music from Avenged Sevenfold will be as heavy and menacing as listeners expect from the band.

Since their formation in 1999, Avenged Sevenfold has sold more than 8 million albums. Their albums have performed well, too.

“Hail to the King” (2013) debuted at No. 1 and “The Stage” (2016) debuted at No. 4. Both albums peaked on the Billboard 200. “Hail to the King” also reached the top of worldwide charts, including the UK, Finnish, Brazilian, Canadian and Irish charts.

With October being just around the corner, fans don’t have too long to wait for Avenged Sevenfold’s new music. It is unclear yet when the music will be available separate from the video game.



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