Preview: Five Finger Death Punch at the Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center

Five Finger Death Punch to Play the Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center

There are times when a person just needs to strap in to some good old head-banger tunes. Times like the end of summer and the beginning of the school year, for instance. Or after the latest crappy performance review. Anything like that. Of course, a person can just drop a record on the turntable or punch something up on iTunes. But, why do that when Five Finger Death Punch is coming to town? That’s right, come the 31st you can get all the head-banging your neck can handle at the Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center!

A Brief History

Many of Five Finger Death Punch’s founding members were in no way new to music. In particular, frontman Zoltan Bathory had already played with post-grunge band U.P.O. before he joined FFDP. Likewise, Ivan Moody was the lead singer for Motograter before accepting Bathory’s offer to sing for him. Accordingly. unlike a lot of bands just starting out, FFDP already had some idea of what to do.

Taking their name from Five Fingers of Death, an old martial arts picture, the band released their first album in 2006, Way of the Fist. Five Finger Death Punch decided to go the indie route and, for the most part, put Way of the Fist together themselves. The album sold well enough and Bathory and company soon found themselves on tour with Korn. Of course, this also meant being in Korn’s shadow for the most part. Fortunately, this state of affairs would only last so long.

The band’s star continued to rise until 2010 when they had an encounter with real fame. Their second studio album, War is the Answer, charted at number 7 on the Billboard 200 on its debut. Embarking on a tour to support their new album, FFDP toured Europe as well as North America and even performed for the troops in Iraq. Both that tour and their sophomore album cemented their reputation in the musical community.

Their Sound

Genre-wise, Five Finger Death Punch is a mixture of thrash, alternative metal, and straight heavy metal. In practice, this means a frantic tempo with snarling, intestinal vocals and guitars that rumble along like steam locomotives. If nothing else, it’s a sound that gets attention and keeps it.

So, as always. The venue is the Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, show’s at 6:00PM.
See you there!

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