Who had the best bars on “Summer on Lock”?


For “Summer on Lock” Royce da 5’9″ assembled an A-team of lyricists, but whose star shines the brightest? Check out the ratings below.

All lyrics were taken from Genius.

Royce da 5’9″

Best Line: Cruisin’ in that Wraith, dawg, like we came to offend haters/Shoot a n***a face off like his neighbor is Tim Taylor.

This is an all-around nostalgic pick. The above line is a reference to the 90s sitcom “Home Improvement.” Royce has been around since the 90s when he and Eminem were making tracks like “Bad meet Evil.”

Anyway, Royce does his thing on this verse. The opening line is also good.

Grade: 3.5/5


Best Line: Turn yourself in, it’s even worse when they scoop you/See the Jake, don’t hit the brake, just go to neutral

Pretty good line up top, but why go to neutral? Wouldn’t you just stop if you’re supposed to turn yourself in?

A decent verse but definitely not his best. It gets a 3 out of respect.

Grade: 3/5


Best Line: Any leaks, we gon’ fix it, none of mine call plumbers/Nina to your chest player like nine y’all number/We Rondo n***as, real recognize real, you John Doe n***a/I made a closet out of a condo, n***a

You gotta like the reference to Rondo, coming at it from a somewhat creative angle. “Closet out of a condo” is a good line; pretty sure Fab is talking about the condo he filled up with throwback jerseys nobody wears anymore. This might actually be a call for help, like maybe he needs someone to organize them.

Another solid verse, but not spectacular.

Grade: 3.5/5

“Summer on Lock”

Pusha T and Agent Sasco also appear on the song but they’re only on the chorus. So it comes down to Royce, Jada and Fab.

In a close battle, Royce gets the win. His verse is a bit smoother and his energy set the tone for the song.

It’s probably for the best; you don’t want to get shown up on your track.

Check out the video for “Summer on Lock” above.


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