Kerosec and others to play Taste of the Arts


In what is turning out to be one of Fort Wayne’s most well-loved events, Taste of the Arts returns for its tenth year. A few years ago, the festival grew to be a two-day festival. There is a mix of different types of live music, kid-friendly events, artisans, low-cost food options from area restaurants and more. Dancers and theatrical groups are also among the performers. While rock music is never far from the stages of Taste of the Arts, this year, local favorite Kerosec will play Taste of the Arts.

About Taste of the Arts

Taste of the Arts exists to remind, or inform, Fort Wayne and Allen county residents and visitors what Fort Wayne, Indiana has to offer in terms of art and culture. The sheer number of performers representing different types of art is impressive in a city like Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne, as many know, is associated with industrial jobs and conservation values. However, that it is also home to more than a few unique and talented rock bands is a fact known by many a late-night concertgoer.

Taste of the Arts came about after the “Brain Drain” study that found that one of the reasons college-educated adults leave Fort Wayne is because of a lack of culture, among other factors. The need for culture was especially high among people who had humanities degrees.

Still, attending Taste of the Arts  doesn’t require a special skill set. It does require a sense of adventure to fully take advantage of the numbers of vendors, artisans and artists who will demonstrate their skills.

Thus, Taste of the Arts functions like a showcase. Admission to the event is free, and there are full rosters of events for both days. Interested parties can access the schedules for both days online.

Kerosec, The Wailhounds, The War on Drugs and other popular local bands will play Taste of the Arts The event continues to grow in popularity. Last year, more than 30,000 people attended.

Kerosec at Taste of the Arts

In the year or so that they have been part of Fort Wayne’s  live music scene, Kerosec has distinguished themselves by playing with a verve and authenticity usually found in bands that are household names.

A three-piece modern grunge or post-grunge band, Kerosec has storytelling skills to match their heavy, nuanced riffs, and drumming that could be described as both heavy and nuanced. Their album, “On the Verge of Intelligence,” is a local classic, along the lines of  The Migraines “Shut Up,” and  Sugar Frosted Bishops’ “Radio Amateur Handbook.”

Kerosec will play on the Barrett-McNagy stage at 5 p.m., Saturday Aug. 25, 2018. For more information about taste of the Arts and a full schedule of both days of events, click here: and here

Taste of the Arts will take place at 300 E. Main St., at the Auer Center. Festivities begin at 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24, 2018.


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