The 15 Best Worst Bars from “Slime Language”


“Slime Language” is Young Thug’s latest project. Like his other music it’s full of women, drugs, luxury paraphernalia and incomprehensible gibberish. Going song by song here are the best worst lyrics the album has to offer.

[All lyrics taken from Genius.]


Can’t get enough of this killin’
The weed that I smoke feel like chitlins

Chitlins definitely smell bad and without hot sauce they’re basically inedible. That’s all olfactory; but how do chitlins feel? I don’t know. I don’t really think anybody does.

“U Ain’t Slime Enough”

I slime you out, [?] with a machine, yeah

This is the first lyric that baffled Genius users. Sounds like “….take Cody with a machine, yeah.” Maybe it sounds like that.

“Gain Clout”

I take a hundred racks right out of the bank and put it on your table top

There’s nothing wrong with this lyric IF that’s the lyric, but I swear to god (or whoever) he says “tater tots.” And the annotation agrees, but they also calls it a double entendre when its really just Thugger mispronouncing words.

“Oh Yeah”

Really the longest chorus ever. I didn’t know that Young Thug had revolutionized choruses, but “Slime Language” has several choruses that no other artist would dream up.


Audemar appears 34 times in this song. All but four of those are in one verse. Anyway for the definitive piece written about “Audemar” read Shea Serrano here.

“Chanel (Go Get It)”

Hop out the coupe, she get it, shine to the shoes, she get it
I put my kids on her titty, anything she want she can get it

This is another Young Thug chorus and I’m all about that last line. A reference to his testicles? A breast feeding line?? Does Young Thug own baby goats??? It’s all really possible.

“Dirty Shoes”

All four my pockets got the Klumps, I’m Eddie Murphy

Nobody should reference The Klumps. Ever.

“It’s a Slime”

Uh, okay I don’t need a shooter
Uh, I got a Glock with a ruler
These are not pointed baguettes
Her p**sy wet like my neck

Our first non-Thugger line is from Lil Uzi Vert! Imagine someone pulling a strap on you and you asking them if it was a pointy baguette. Maybe they would let you go out of confusion.


N**ga we smoked ’em, we don’t care ’bout no karma
All the homies are protected like Obama (woo woo)
Ancient gold Rolex like a condom (yeah)
Rolls gold, six froze on the Tonka (yeah)

Yo, Thugger got gold condoms? I’m missing something. Condom has to be slang that I’m missing, right?

“Goin Up”

I tell her it stop it, call me and take this up
I told her to stop it, I got on my knees up

The most run-of-the-mill of the pack. Still, “I got on my knees up” is silly.

“January 1st”

Thinkin’ I’ma lick it choppin’ off your tongue
Get over na-nanana ayy
I can’t seem to get over the sound of guns (brrt)
I’m a drug addict, I know I got dead lungs

Lots of good stuff here. First of all, the premise of this song makes no sense. According to the chorus he should have been born on January 1st because he’s “number one.” Seems like a bizarre dystopian world in which it sucks to be born in December.

Next we have nonsensical noises, a Young Thug staple.

Finally the song is kind of randomly sad. Thugger has problems including dead lungs. Oof.

“Chains Choking Me”

I’m guessing Thugger is talking about a manhole. So falling in love with him is like being in a Looney Tunes cartoon?


Two-door, double R, ridin’ in the foreign car, n***as can’t see me
If I pop another X pill, I’ll be out my misery
Crazy presi’ beze’ on the motherf**kin’ Rollie
You roll, you sip codys, I f**k around and roll

This is another unexpected sad one that also features high-level gibberish. That third line sounds like it’s missing 5-6 syllables.


Thugger ain’t even on this track! And it shows; here’s the best choice:

“I feed these basic b***hes happy meals, yeah”


“Slimed In”

I bought 20 cars for every year that I was walkin’
Made her get an abortion, she ain’t nothing but a thottie

This line is real trash. “Slime Language” is full of misogyny but this is the worst of it.



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