Vinyl – – Live’s “Throwing Copper”


Live’s “Throwing Copper” is a classic from 1994 that shows why it is a good thing that the band recently got back together. Here, 14 tracks come through clearly on 180-gram vinyl. The packaging for this version comes with the insert that accompanied the original.

Tracks on “Throwing Copper” include “I Alone,” “All Over You” and “Lightning Crashes.” The tracks all display Live’s trademark “stomp” sound. No, that’s not a technical term, but when it sounds and feels as if all of the instrument come down together for a chord, the result is heavy like a stomp. “I Alone” is a good example of that. With aggrieved and angst-ridden vocals, “I Alone” has lyrics that match the sound and approach to the song.

“Lightning Crashes” is less full of stomp, but it is no less poignant. The chords and slow and hollow, each word is a meaningful utterance. The songcraft that Live uses for the tracks here separates the works on “Throwing Copper” from most other rock songs, and defines “alternative” music by the sentiments expressed, and not just through the use of jangly guitar.


This version is a limited release. It is a 24-year-old classic. “Throwing Copper” should be required listening for anyone who claims to understand rock music from the 1990s. Get it today.


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