Vinyl – -“Back for the First Time” by Ludacris


Before there were all those stints on “Law & Order,” Ludacris was the Southern rapper with a big sense of humor, tongue-twisting rhymes, and serious wordplay. This release, “Back for the First Time” from 2000 shows audiences who Ludacris really is. The rapper sounds like he packs more words in per line than anyone else. But Ludacris isn’t just fast – – he is funny, and he makes a point. Even on a racy track like “What’s Your Fantasy,” featuring Shawna C., Ludacris never slows on his lyric acumen. Repetition and stylized stuttering are all a part of what makes this album fun. The songs on this album capture a time when hip-hop was still evolving. Further, at the end of the East Coast, West Coast rivalries, or in the midst of them, rappers from the American South started to make a name for themselves with a particular style and vernacular that quickly became part of American culture.

In the 16 tracks that comprise “Back for the First Time,” Ludacris employs his mind-blowing lyrical speed, and his humor. In addition to Shawna C., Ludacris has guests on other tracks, including “Southern Hospitality” which features Pharrell Williams.

It is easy to forget what hip-hop sounded like at the dawn of the 21st century. “Back for the First Time” helps audiences to remember. Get it now at the LemonWire store. Go here for more information and to purchase:


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