Kristen Hampton’s hysterical “blemish-i” tutorial



    This is the only makeup tutorial you will ever need. 'Kristen Hampton's How To Cover Up Forehead Hickies'

    Posted by Kristen Hampton Good News on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    Just when you thought you couldn’t handle one more makeup tutorial — don’t throw in the towel just yet. This is definitely one tutorial you are going to want to see.

    Kristen Hampton of WBTV shares a humorous take on the art of cosmetic beauty gone wrong with a twist.

    It all started innocently enough. In Kristen’s previous video, she shares with us her $10-find on Amazon – – also known as “product-testing anti-wrinkle face cups.”

    Now, we’ve all seen the horrific images of what can happen if you aren’t well-versed in how to do these just right. But Kristen had a more comical result in her attempt to get “as pretty as all get-out.”

    What happened?


    That’s right – face-hickies.

    She started on the right track with a bonus cameo as a face-cup unicorn. But the real treat came in the afterwards in the form of permanent red circles all over her forehead. (P.S. That is totally something that would happen to me…*chuckles*).

    After a couple of days of waiting for the “crop-circle hickies” to go away, Hampton came to the realization that they were “on there pretty good.” Especially after scaring her poor four-year-old neighbor and causing quite the concern in public even from strangers. All wondering “what happened to your face?” (I ask myself that every morning when I look in the mirror and I didn’t need a fancy suction cup to do that!)

    Her solution?

    Distraction from the blemish-i.

    That’s right. If you don’t want people to notice a certain thing, you have to get them to notice a different thing! (Bonus: This works with kids and dogs, too.)

    Oh, and in case you’re wondering, “blemish-i” is Kristen’s made-up plural for “blemish.”

    The tutorial starts out with a candid shaking-of-the-liquid-makeup fail, which ends up sprinkled all over the interior of her car. Actually, it’s not her car…it’s her work car. An “oops,” which she admits will get her into “so much trouble!” (We’ve all been there…don’t tell me I’m the only person who eats cereal en route while steering with her knee.)
    1. The icing on the cake, of course, is the finished product, which I will leave for you to click and watch.

    Before you chalk this up to just another copy-cat parody, just watch. Kristen’s down-to-earth, innocent humor is actually quite refreshing in a sea of the usual negative.

    Kristen’s main job is to scour the earth looking for good news – hence her signature trademark, “Good News.” Or the positive things happening in the world that shed a little light on your day.

    Hampton can be found on Facebook and YouTube and is never at a loss for a good old-fashioned laugh.


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