Prview: The Artisanals at the Hi-Fi

New Folk-Rock Act the Artisanals Play the Hi-Fi on August 14th

The summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean we need to weep about it. Especially not with the new Americana act the Artisanals coming to town. That’s right brothers and sisters, the Charleston, SC band is coming to play the Melody Inn on the 14th. So, go down there and give them a traditional Indiana welcome! And make it the “we love you guys” welcome not the “chase them off with shotguns” welcome. These boys are used to Southern hospitality, so let’s give them more than they can stand!

A Brief History

It’s actually no coincidence that the Artisanals come from Charleston, SC. While the city still has nothing like Nashville or Atlanta’s musical scenes, it has been quietly building up a few notable acts of its own. Band of Horses, for example.

The Artisanals have not been around long. In fact, they only spring into being back in 2016, when frontman Johnny Delaware left rising indie band Susto. Believing that indie rock was a dying market, Delaware formed his new band with a more traditional sound in mind. So, after attracting a few like-minded musicians, the Artisanals were born. So far, Johnny Delaware and his merry band have yet to release their debut album, but it’s on the way.

Their Sound

The first thought that crosses the mind when one hears the Artisanals is probably “did America get back together?”. Johnny Delaware put his band together with the aim of creating a classical sound, and oh boy did he succeed. With their chiming guitars, tenor harmonies, and folk-rock stylings, the Artisnals sound like they formed in 1974 rather than 2016.

They are not, however, taking the nostalgia approach. Johnny Delaware’s vision extends well beyond that. Instead, they use the 70s motifs to create a smooth but powerful sound that commands attention.

So, as always. The venue is the Hi-Fi, door’s at 7:00PM.

See you there!


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