Singer Suresh Wadkar’s Birthday


Today is Singer Suresh Wadkar Sir’s birthday. He was born Suresh Ishwar Wadkar in 1955. He has sung in several other languages also besides Hindi. I have been in touch with him for an interview with him since the last week. Unfortunately, he has been keeping busy all through and though I could speak to him over the phone, we have not been able to fix a date for our meet up. I am still looking forward to an interview with him. I hope God-willing I get a chance this time.

Bollywood and Suresh Wadkar: Here are just some of my favorite Bollywood songs sung by him:

Seene mein jalan… Gaman (1978)

Megha re megha re… Pyaasa Sawan (1981)

Aur is dil mein… Imaandar (1987)

Chal chameli baug mein… Krodhi (1981)

Yeh teri meri yaari… Daata (1989)

Likhnewale ne likh dale… Arpan (1983)


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