Peter Lin pays homage to Asian jazz on “With Respect”


Baton Rouge, Louisiana-native, Peter Lin, has Taiwanese roots. The trombonist is well-versed in the traditions of jazz trombone. With his group, The Lintet, he has put together some interesting arrangements of Taiwanese and Chinese popular songs. Lin’s latest album is “With Respect.”

About Peter Lin

Lin’s grounding in jazz performance comes in part from his education. He received his B.A. in music from William Paterson University and received his M.M. with a concentration in Jazz Trombone Studies at Rutgers University. In addition to being a professional musician, Lin also works as a faculty member at Jazz House Kids in Montclair, New Jersey and he manages Slide Hampton.

Lin has studied with such jazz luminaries as Slide Hampton, Curtis Fuller, Conrad Herwig, and Steve Turre. Lin does not limit his performance outlets to jazz. He is also actively involved with various jazz festivals and with educating young people in the art of jazz.

“With Respect” pays tribute to his upbringing, his musical roots, mentors, family and friends.

The sound of “With Respect”

Even if listeners are unfamiliar with traditional Asian songs, they will appreciate the smooth jazz style of Lin and the Lintet’s music. On “Forgotten Times” the trombone’s long notes add a flair that harkens back to the days of classic jazz. A saxophone solo while the drums shimmer and crash lightly is effective, as well. Not to be missed is the panache that comes from the piano’s exchange with the horns.

Another excellent song on the disc is “My Blues.” It has a vibe and energy that makes audiences pay rapt attention. It is horn-rich, with the drums thumping vigorously just underneath. There are horn showcases to break up the basic motifs, but the drums help to tightly focus the piece.

Lin is not new to jazz. He might be new to recording. His experience shows in the classic and contemporary turns he makes on this album. “With Respect” is worthwhile for jazz fans at all levels.


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