Preview: Melvins at the Vogue

Sludge/Grunge Progenitors Melvins Play Indy’s Own Vogue Theater August 5th

There are times when you just want to scream, cry, and rage against the unfairness of it all. Times when Netflix inebriation and Xbox intoxication just don’t numb you enough anymore. In short, times when you need a band like Melvins. So, if you’ve been feeling the repressed rage rising to the surface, worry not. The answer to your prayers, Melvins in case you weren’t paying attention, plays the Vogue on the 5th. We implore you, come out, rage, and make yourself less of a danger to the rest of us.

A Brief History

Melvins hails from Montesano, Washington. The story goes that they took their name from a coworker that the founding members hated. Actually not just the founding members of the band, but everybody in the Thriftway they all worked at. As early eighties punks, Melvins could hardly resist applying the name of something they hated to themselves, and a band was born.

Musically speaking, the Pacific Northwest in the eighties was a great place to be. You see, in the early part of the decade many of the punk acts in that area were already developing a unique style that would eventually evolve into grunge. Better yet, aside from a certain Seattle-based band, Melvins were at the forefront.

Melvins really took off in 1985 when four of their singles appared on C/Z Records’ Deep Six sampler. After following up with an EP of their own, they released their debut LP Gluey Porch Treatments in 1986. They just grew from there.

Their Sound

Melvins began as just another hardcore punk band, but that didn’t last long. In the local scene, audiences considered their sound heavier than most of the other acts on offer. As their sound evolved, they created a style that managed to prefigure both grunge and sludge metal. Now, in any other context, being primarily associated with grunge and sludge wouldn’t please anyone overmuch. However, as both those styles have exerted tremendous influence since the early nineties, one assumes Melvins doesn’t mind.

Really, Melvins is a bit of a roulette genre-wise. For example, their influences range from Throbbing Gristle and Black Flag to Alice Cooper. They’ve also done everything from jazz-rock to punk country. Even so, they’ve always been able to put their own spin on everything they’ve done.

So, as always. The venue is the Vogue Theater, door’s at 7:00PM.

See you there!


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