At the Vinyl Store – -“Love at First Sting” by The Scorpions


The veteran German heavy metal group continued their relevance into the 2010s. However, in 1984 the band’s ninth studio album, “Love At First Sting,” blew the minds of deejays, fans and critics everywhere.

“Love At First Sting” is simply one of those albums without a bad song. There is a slow song, but even it has a punchy hook complete with growling guitar.

The naughty “Rock You Like a Hurricane” made The Scorpions a band that couldn’t be ignored in the 1980s, even among people who were not metal fans. There is something special about the kinetic energy generated when the opening riff begins. There was nothing like it at the time, and really hasn’t been since.

The prowess and style of The Scorpion’s “Love At First Sting” made young heavy metal fans believe that the music they loved would be like this forever. But, alas, even young fans don’t stay that way. Still, this album from the opening song, “Bad Boys Running Wild” with its searing guitar and overall kick, to the heavy and nuanced drum-infused “I’m Leaving You” and more, all show listeners that there is a reason The Scorpions have a reputation for being a hard-rocking, no apologies band, while making interesting songs with no filler.

Metalheads, rock fans and even the mildly curious need this album. Get at it LemonWire today:


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