Morrissey’s “Blue Dreamers Eyes” seen as a distraction


The past year has not been kind to Morrissey. His political choices made public, his arguably weird comments about his diet, and in general dislike and distrust of the press, have all worked to distance his fan base. Just recently all of his tour dates in the UK and Europe have been cancelled. As a result, Morrissey has released two videos and a photo of his cat to distract the public from the reasons they might feel less love for him now than they did previously. An article on discusses the singer’s use of new music and other elements to distract audiences from what might be seen as his public gaffes.

The latest distraction is a video for a previously unreleased song, “Blue Dreamers Eyes.” The video almost functions like a public relations project. Most of the footage seems to have been shot in various Asian locales and the Netherlands. The video works as a distraction because there are thousands of people packing into large venues, clutching Morrissey and The Smiths merchandise, showing off their Morrissey tattoos, clamoring for shirts that Moz has thrown into the audience, and nearly fainting after receiving an autograph.

The video proves the point that audiences love Morrissey. He is forever linked with The Smiths, and people are shown wearing t-shirts with “Meat Is Murder,” and other Smiths-era merchandise.

“Blue Dreamers Eyes” by Morrissey

The song itself sounds great. The soundscape is a mix of orchestral sounds and rock elements with Morrissey’s voice soaring over the top of the instrumentation. The song opens with drumsticks clicking in a way that is reminiscent of a ticking clock. Those who are critical of Morrissey might find the lyrics a bit self-serving. On the other hand, fans and supporters of the singer could interpret the song as melancholy. The singer tells listeners what to do when they stand on his grave, “clutching your belly” presumably in laughter. The line is so dark as to be distracting – – is Morrissey sick? Is he overcome with physical ailments after all the negative press? The questions alone prompt people to listen to the song again and again.

The lyrics also describe Morrissey’s life as a series of failings. Forms of the word are used over and over – – “fail” and “failed.” But he describes how he gets back up after each failing, and sees the world with “blue dreamers eyes.”

The lyrics plus the instrumentation offer hope. Listening to them, audiences forget about Morrissey’s take on Brexit, the left or right wing, but focus instead on someone who has made his own life more difficult. It is almost an apology or explanation. It is easy to accept while watching teenagers and young women go into Elvis-level hysterics at the sight of Morrissey.

Ultimately fans and neutral parties hope that Morrissey will be okay. Time will tell if Morrissey can keep quiet in the future, and win back fans, who, according to the comments at, are finished with him. If there are more “lost tracks” then it would serve Morrissey to collect them all into an album. The video can be seen at and YouTube and at the top of this article.

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