Vinyl –“The Smiths” eponymous debut


Here in all their trademark melancholy are The Smiths. Contained here on two vinyl discs, the Manchester quartets’ debut album shows audiences what the band is about. Each track is replete with that which made the The Smiths the legendary band they became.

This release is a must-have for those who are well-aware of the role The Smiths played in the rise of thought-pop and how they changed the game so to speak in regard to post-punk.

Songs like “Suffer Little Children,” “Hand in Glove,” and “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle,” create imagery that is at turns gothic, defiant, or melancholy.

What also stands out is the punk-oriented drumming, and the stellar guitar and bass work that is found on every Smiths’ track.

This album is an absolute must-have for those who are interested in the development of alternative rock or college rock. For people who have never understood what the big deal is about The Smiths, this recording explains loud and clear why The Smiths matter, even three decades after they broke up.

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