Preview: Mina and the Wondrous Flying Machine at the Melody Inn

Jazz-Rock Combo Mina and the Wondrous Flying Machine Play the Melody Inn on July 25th

Those of you who read one of my earlier reviews may recall my enthusiastic reaction to a band called Mina and the Wondrous Flying Machine. You know, that band that opened for Esme Patterson back in October? At the Hi-Fi? No? Then you have gravely disappointed me and I want nothing to do with you. Go sit in the corner. Okay, so why am I bringing them up all of a sudden? Because they are set to play the Melody Inn on the 25th of this month. Be there or be square.

A Brief History

The brainchild of Mina Keohane, Mina and the Wondrous Flying Machine originated as a way for Mina to get back to her roots. You see, Mina Keohane really started making waves in the local music scene as a composer. But she didn’t want to just compose the music, she wanted to perform it. After all, music is as much about interpretation as anything else so why not make sure you get to interpret it first?
Anyway, since they formed in 2011 MATWFM have released numerous albums and played numerous dates.

Their Sound

If it wasn’t obvious already, I like this band. So, because this is the internet, I’d better proffer a defense or two on behalf of my premise. And tell you what they’re like.

So, genre-wise MATWFM are a triple fusion of indie rock, singer-songwriter, and jazz. If that’s hard to imagine, worry not, all will become clear. What Mina does in a practical sense, is she takes the lyrical sensibilities of a singer-songwriter, the vivacity of indie, and the spontaneity of jazz and hits blend. Ultimately, the result is a cavalcade of bright and soaring melodies backed by soulful lyrics. All delivered with her powerful, achingly sincere voice. Likewise, Mina’s jazz drug of choice, a frenetic strain of post-bop a la Charles Mingus, lends itself well to this sort of thing. With that combo propelling her, Mina squires us through smoldering jams and airy lounge ballads. But, she never losses her essential style.

So, as always. The venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 7:00Pm.

See you there!


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