Kaleidoscopic Kali Uchis


“Figure it out.” Those three words defined the dynamic destiny of Karly Loiaza. A frustrated curfew note from her father possibly determined the fate of the most meaningful soulful and sensational voice heard since Amy Winehouse. Upon bouncing from one odd job to the next, Kali Uchis pursued her self-fulfilling prophecy of a career while living in her car.

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Many artists and producers sacrifice comfort, sanity and familiarity in order to become prolific within their fields. Uchis remained firm on her independent measures and aimed to cement her legacy according to her artistic vision. Her music draws from multiple personal perspectives, realistic interpretations and an amalgamation of her complex upbringing.

To sustain her visual expertise, Uchis tends to visually comprehend and conceptualize every possible shift, shape and angle and its connotations before putting an entire project into motion. She credits her out-of-the-box experiences during high school for the colorful and vibrant aura emitted throughout her psychedelic, multi-layered and surreal videos.

At T.C. Williams, Uchis spent much of her time in the high school photo lab, where she experimented with short film cinematography and incorporated valuable video editing skills.

Valuable youthful experience

As a teenager, Uchis carried herself with awareness and defiantly rejected the norms projected upon her. She utilized high school as a tool that ultimately aided her creative strategy and originated a platform for her process. In 2013, her song, “What They Say” attracted a co-sign from West Coast legend, Snoop Dogg. Since then, Kali has hosted significant collaborations with Tyler the Creator, the Gorillaz and Vince Staples.

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Her initial primary project, “Drunken Babblez” catapulted Kali Uchis past the middle of the pack mediocrity and firmly planted her bodacious being amongst the ranks of prestigious company. “Drunken Babblez” celebrated the lowrider subculture present within the uninhibited existence of California. More importantly, it showcased the idea of the notion that, “Life is fleeting.”

Latinx community

Uchis performs and upholds an active role within the community of equality and self-love. She believes that Latinx’s are hypersexualized and unjustly portrayed as stereotypical figures within various realms of the industry. Uchis demonstrates her influence by proudly advocating for equality and fair, non-discriminatory treatment of oppressed people, especially those from within her Colombian background heritage.

“I don’t like to see people using their power over others, trying to hurt people who are weak, or poor, or people with darker skin, or anyone who doesn’t have as much privilege.” (KU)


Uchis blesses her fanbase with self-aware autobiographical songs that detail tales of adversity, triumph and uplifting meditation. The brand of music distributed by Uchis has been proclaimed within the dominion of “soul-wop.” To give “soul-wop” more context, imagine placing Lauryn Hill in a magical music collaboration machine with someone like Leona Lewis. Thus, the byproduct of such a radical union forms the kaleidoscopic shapes and splendid sounds of the vibrant individual, Uchis.

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Dispelling stereotypical female social norms

Her utopian vision draws fascination from well-known universal sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, a French actress. Themes such as sexual liberation, exposing the nature of taboo, and an emancipated perspective of women’s empowerment are a few reasons why Bardot inspires Uchis.

Uchis became significant in correlation with the lucid descriptions and meaning that a listener may evoke from her discography. She is a velvet voice against a languorously syncopated rhythm.

“I have dreams about the songs, it all comes from my subconscious.” (Vice Id)

Uchis clearly illustrates vivid and imaginative routes by which she streamlines her superb content. With a strong and passionate voice, a memorable sense of self and an extraordinary ability to will her self to the ranks of the elite, Uchis will continue to develop an audience of ardent fans.


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