Candlebox and Gin Blossoms rock the Fort ’90s style


While so much is happening in the Summit City at the moment, and not just the construction that seems to be everywhere, it is worth mentioning that ‘90s rock veterans Gin Blossoms and Candlebox are set to rock Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The concert is part of the superior musical lineup that the organizers of the Three Rivers Festival have put together this year.

Both bands are scheduled to play at Headwaters Park on Saturday, July 14. The show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20.00 before the day of the show and $25.00 the day of the show. Kids younger than age 12 are $5.

The bands’ appearance is significance because of the role they played in the development of 1990s rock. Because neither group was grunge, they represented something else, something different in the realm of alternative music.

The sound of Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms play rock music with a pop sensibility. Songs about heartbreak and the loneliness of living in certain types of towns made the band popular with a range of audiences through flyover country and elsewhere.

Songs such as “Found Out About You” and “Hey Jealousy” created worlds in which a problematic love interest creates chaos in the heart and life of the man who loves her.

Going beyond typical jangle rock that often typified the era, Gin Blossoms offered listeners guitar lines that were not too light or too heavy. The band also makes good use of brief breaks in the guitar part, and those add needed dynamics especially in the chorus of “Found Out About You.” In the same song, those breaks serve as commas of sorts to put space between the different places that the narrator hears about his loved one’s infidelity.

Rocking out with Candlebox

For people who wanted to keep up with then-new alternative rock, but still missed the throaty vocals and heavy guitars of old school hard rock and heavy metal, Candlebox was the band to listen to.

Candlebox brings a hard rock approach to alternative rock. Their songs often focused on troubled interpersonal relationships and rebuilding a person’s boundaries after recovering from substance abuse.

 Arguably, the best Candlebox songs are “You” and “Far Behind.” In both, guitar chords that can described as “aggrieved” are used to underscore the tension of the world created by the lyrics.

“You” stands out because of its unexpected turn as not a love song. The narrator is turning away from drugs and does not appreciate the person or people who insist on pushing narcotics on him. The line “Don’t you put your drugs in my face/or I’m going put you in your place/F—k you…” sums up the narrator’s position.

The mixes melodic and heavy sounds to craft an unforgettable soundscape. It is rather exciting that two unique-sounding bands from an era rich with experimental styles are coming to Fort Wayne.


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