Beck re-mix of U2’s “Love Is Bigger…” plays up the song’s theme


 Those who have been listening to U2 since the band’s early introduction via Music Television, or maybe college radio, are probably no longer surprised at what the long-running band is able to accomplish. U2 has a tendency to create songs that make people think and to consider their place in the world around them, or how they are being affected by forces that might feel bigger than they are.

Like a lot of post-punk bands in the early 1980s, U2’s sound is marked by among other things, heavy, punk-style drumming, anthemic singing and ringing guitar work.

In the group’s 30-plus years in existence they have performed a variety of songs about general unease “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” and songs to celebrate geographic areas and the people who live there, “Angel of Harlem,” and offered hope “Beautiful Day.” Except for the specific qualities of lead singer’s Bono’s voice, it is difficult to pigeonhole U2’s subject or approach. That is also true with the band’s song “Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way.”

The song has been remixed by others, but this time, the video gets a remix by Beck and animation help from the same visual art group that previously worked on U2’s “American Soul” and “Get Out of Your Own Way” videos.

“Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way” by U2

The song’s soundscape is big, almost orchestral. There are keyboards and percussion and a strong, confident singing style that is both indicative of the band and a sort of departure from some of the styles that the band has used in recent years.

The song’s message is simple enough: the world stands in love’s way and those who love will be criticized, but love is enough to fight back. Here, U2 takes pop music to another level, or at least the sound feels “bigger.” The soundscape and the vocal style will remind listeners of a declaration. “Love Is Bigger…” has a message that fits today’s sometimes-contentious times. With some people still wanting to decide for others what kind of love is appropriate, to have a song that re-focuses audiences’ attention on the love itself, as opposed simply what demographic is being loved by whom, is refreshing.

What U2 has taught listeners over the years is to not be surprised by what the Irish band comes up with next. There are some of us who are still reeling from the style departure from “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

In some ways, “Love Is Bigger…” illustrates a kind of maturity from a band who is aware of the kinds of arguments that surround how “love” is defined in socio-political realms.

The video for the song depicts a widower (an animated figure) who wants to be reunited with his late wife, and in one segment, his skeleton is seen dancing with his wife across what appears to be a desert landscape.

The remix of the song is a collaboration between U2 and Beck, and the animation for the video, according to Rolling is by an Israeli graffiti collective called Broken Fingaz Crew. The song appears on U2’s 2017 album, “Songs of Experience” and Beck released the video remix in June 2018.



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