Preview: D.O.A. at the Melody Inn

Hardcore Punk Rock Veterans D.O.A. Swing by Indy’s very own Melody Inn on July 17th.

Do you know what the perfect time for a punk show is? Anytime! That’s when. Speaking of which, did you know that D.O.A., a punk band, is coming to play the Melody Inn? Because D.O.A., a punk band, is coming to play the Melody Inn. Stuck as we are in the doldrums of a Midwestern summer, this could just be the antidote we’ve all been searching for. So, grab your Doc Martens and storm Illinois Street on July 17th!

A Brief History

As is often the case, the birth of D.O.A. has its beginning in the death of another band. In this case a Canadian punk band with the rather unaspiring name the Skulls. After a bad trip to Toronto in 1977, the Skulls shattered (dur-hur-hur), member Joey Keithley returned to Vancouver with the aim of putting together another band. The grand result was D.O.A., which came together in early ’78. Initially, D.O.A. played around Vancouver. However, when San Francisco college station KUSF picked up their debut EP Disco Sucks they promptly headed south. Why? Because that EP had topped KUSF’s charts and they expected a warm welcome. And you know what? They got one. A year later they embarked on their first US tour.

Their Sound

D.O.A. might actually be the source of the term hardcore punk. From the title of their sophomore album Hardcore ’81 if you’re curious. They’re also the one of the sources of the music itself, along with contemporary acts like Bad Brains and Black Flag. So, it stands to reason that their sound would probably be hardcore punk. With a few changes as the years passed of course.

So, as always. The venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 7:00 PM.

See you there!


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