Raga Bahar


Today’s Classical Music Expert is Brinda Roy Chowdhury. She has selected Raga Bahar for this week. According to her, “Raga Bahar has originated from Thaat Kaafi. It has komal Ga and both komal and shuddh Ni. In aaroha, Re is absent and in avaroha, Dha is varjit (avoided). Hence the jaati of this raga is Shadav- Shadav. Vaadi swara is Ma and Samvadi swara is Sa. This Raga is widely used to describe the beauty of Basant Ritu or the spring season. The time to sing it is midnight. The nature or prakriti of the raga is chanchal (fickleness). Aaroha has Sa Ga (komal) Ma Pa, Ga (komal) Ma Dha Ni Sa and Avaroha has Sa Ni (komal) Pa Ma Pa Ga (komal) Ma Re Sa. The Pakad is at Ma Pa Ga (komal) Ma Dha Ni Sa.”

Bollywood and Raga Bahar: Bahar has been widely used in Bollywood songs as well as for many private compositions. Some of them are:

Chham chaam nachat aayi bahar… Chhaya (1961)

Man ki been matwari… Shabaab (1954)

Baag laga doon… Tansen (1943)

Kaliyan sang karat rang raliyan… Shaapmochan (1955) Bengali movie.

Wo chup rahein… Jahan Ara (1964) This is a mix of Bahar and other tunes.


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  1. Thanks lemon wire and Brinda Roy Choudhary, for the impeccable knowledge of music. I look forward for the updates for your music dose,and cant get enough of it..

    P.s. to the music maestro – Ur voice is breathtaking, dont ever stop singing.

  2. I totally agree with Ishita Ray , a vivid description of the Raga indeed. Keep up the brilliant effort Gayatri Rao and Brinda RoyChoudhury. Looking forward for more.

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