EPA rollbacks already touching Americans’ lives

EPA rollbacks already touching Americans’ lives
EPA rollbacks already touching Americans’ lives

WASHINGTON (AP) – Scott Pruitt’s rollbacks as head of the Environmental Protection Agency already are being felt by farmworkers and some others across America.

Pruitt, who resigned Thursday, targeted regulations on air, water, climate change and other environmental issues, moving against rules he saw as unfriendly to business. Industries praise Pruitt, saying he balanced business with environmental protection.

One of Pruitt’s first acts at EPA was to shelve a proposed ban on a widely used pesticide, chlorpyrifos. California officials blame the pesticide for at least one contamination case involving farm workers since then.

Chris Zarba, who resigned as coordinator of EPA advisory committees earlier this year, says Pruitt’s rollbacks affected Americans’ lives.

Seen in this 2017 photo, Drew Wynne who quit his job in 2016 to pursue a career manufacturing cold-brew coffee died in October 2017 after using a paint stripper at the business in Charleston, S.C. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt had put on hold the Obama administration’s attempt to ban consumer sales of paint strippers containing the compound methylene chloride. But he reversed course in May after meeting with families of men who died after using paint stripper. Brian Wynne, brother of Drew, believes, methylene chloride may already have been out of stores by fall 2017, when his brother was found dead at the business, killed by methylene chloride, according to coroners. (Brad Nettles/The Post and Courier via AP)