Preview: STS9 at the Old National Centre’s Egyptian Room

Post-Rock Heavies Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) Come to Play the Egyptian Room!

Rock music has changed a lot over the past 60 years, and nothing exemplifies this more than post-rock. But never mind all that brothers and sisters. In case you didn’t read the tag line, STS9 is coming to town. You see, I can bang a kettle about post-rock all I want, and I will too, but that’s nothing compared to a live demonstration. Which, bros and sises, is precisely what STS9 intend to give us. They’re set to play the Egyption Room on the tenth, so get out and check ‘em out!

A Brief History

STS9 got together in 1998. After getting together they went through the usual motions of playing small venues and working their way up to playing festivals. And a fair few festivals they were. Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Moogfest, and Lollapalooza, just to name a few. While doing all this touring, they also somehow found time to start an indie record label of their own. That label, 1320 Records by name, has released works by about 100 different artists. In 2010, they performed live with Jay-Z.

In 2014 the band experienced a slight shake-up when bassist David Murphy left the band. Of course, since many bands go thorough personnel like germaphobes go through soap, they should probably consider themselves lucky. Regardless, STS9 replaced him with Alana Rocklin who has since become a regular member.

Their Sound

Well, Wikipedia calls them livetronica and they call themselves post-rock dance music. Normally I’d let the contradiction stand, but since I need to fill space…

I will, to paraphrase The Departed, make a ruling. They’re closer to post-rock than they are to most of the electronic genres. They even know their way around the bolero effect for pity’s sake. So, what is post-rock? Broadly speaking, it’s a mostly instrumental genre that explores textures and timbres more than it does riffs. Which is why it can sound a bit wondering.

Frankly, that description alone fits STS9 pretty well.

So, as always. The venue is the Egyptian Room, door’s at 6:30.

See you there!

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