I am a disco dancer – Bappi Lahiri – Pritam Chakraborty – Mithun Chakraborty | Golmaal 3 (2010)


Movie: This song appeared in Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision’s action comic caper Golmaal 3 (Deception with Confusion) directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Dhillin Mehta. The movie starred Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Mithun Chakraborty, Ratna Pathak Shah, Kunal Khemu, etc.

Pritam (Mithun Chakraborty), an elderly school-bus driver has 3 good-for-nothing sons – the group leader Madhav (Arshad Warsi), the poetic idiot Laxman (Kunal Khemu) and the innocent mute Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor). The 3 men are always up to some trouble or the other and most of them are scams. Then, there is the elderly Geeta (Ratna Pathak), who has 2 sons – the strong but kind leader Gopal (Ajay Devgan) and the stammering Lakshman (Shreyas Talpade). These 2 men run a water sports stall on the beach. Daboo (Kareena Kapoor) is their partner and Gopal has a crush on her, which he never reveals. Gopal has the habit of twisting every finger that is pointed at Daboo.

Puppy (Johnny Lever), Daga (Sanjay Mishra) and Teja (Vajresh Hirjee) are robbers and are on the run after stealing a queen’s diamond necklace. The police have followed them to Goa. Puppy, the don suffers from short-term amnesia, often and hides the jewelry in Pritam’s house. After the loss of memory this time, he sends the police behind Dagga and Teja.

Soon competitors of Geeta’s sons arrive at the beach. The audience knows that they are Pritam’s sons. When rivalry begins, they try to damage each other’s businesses. Pritam goes to confront the opponents and meets Geeta at their home. It turns out that Pritam and Geeta loved each other in college. A flashback shows Pritam singing and dancing to the tune of this song.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Kumaar and the music was composed by Pritam Chakraborty.

The gist of this refurbished song from yesteryears is, “I am a disco dancer. My life is dance. I love someone.” Some of the lyrics have been changed.

Video: Cinematography is by Dudley. Dance choreography is by Ganesh Acharya-Seema Desai-Chinni Prakash-Rajeev Surti.

The video opens with Mithun Chakraborty holding a mike and beginning to dance, on a stage. In the interim, he also manages to wink at Ratna Pathak Shah, who blushes and pats her friend in mock offense to her teasing.

Extra dancers are also with him on stage. Mithun Chakraborty continues to dance and move toward Ratna Pathak Shah and makes her stand up near him. She blushes and he laughs. Both dance together on stage.

Their movements are a little restricted compared to the vigorous dancing the original song had, perhaps due to the fact that both the actors have aged in reality. Prem Chopra and Viju Khote suddenly appear in the audience area.

Ratna Pathak Shah stops dancing as she sees them and warns Mithun Chakraborty. He also stops dancing and the video ends there with someone’s holler.

Bappi Lahiri’s voice is a little weak for Mithun Chakraborty. The original singer Vijay Benedict was a perfect match for my favorite actor of yesteryears.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Bappi Lahiri and the onscreen performances are by Mithun Chakraborty, Ratna Pathak Shah, Prem Chopra, Viju Khote and others.

Cultural Influence: There is no unique cultural influence on this typically filmi song. The song and the artists are ok. The video is watchable for the same.


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