Preview: I Dream in Evergreen at the Hi-Fi

Local Act I Dream in Evergreen Celebrates their New Album with a Party at the Hi-Fi

It’s that time again, brothers and sisters. That’s right, it’s time to celebrate an album released by a local band! Leaving aside the necessity of the exclamation point, I Dream in Evergreen has commandeered the Hi-Fi for the party. So, turn out and support the local talent!

A Brief History

I Dream in Evergreen is a recent addition to Indy’s stable of homebrew artists, appearing on the scene in 2013. The group grew out of a desire tm make music that owned nothing to a particular genre. Instead, the band would create music that freely mixed and remixed motifs and types for a wholly original effect.

Their sound really began to take shape when longtime friend Christine Harlow joined the band in 2014, which also happen to be the year they released their first LP, To Come Back Home. Fast forward to today, I Dream in Evergreen is really starting to put their music out there. Especially with the release of their new album, In Daylight on the Nightside.

Their Sound

I Dream in Evergreen, as noted above, tries to avoid genre conventions, but one can pigeonhole them regardless. Thus, speaking in terms of genre, we can put them squarely in indie rock. Broad, I know, but it fits them. Throw in a little acoustic indie and perhaps a dash of musical theater and you have a rough idea of what they sound like.

I Dream in Evergreen loves their harmonies, and multi-part vocal sections are a frequent feature. Furthermore, they aren’t too keen on complicated arrangements and keep their songs simple where they can. Just Imagine Dr. Dog crossed with a very stripped-down Fleet Foxes.

So, as always. The venue is the Hi-Fi, door’s at 8:00PM.

See you there!


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