Morni bagan ma bole – Ila/Lata – Shiv-Hari – Ila/Sridevi | Lamhe (1991)


Today is Fête de la Musique or World Music Day. To celebrate the day, I am sharing the review of one of my favorite songs ever made.

Movie: This song appeared in 1991 Yash-Raj Films’ romrama directed by Yash Chopra and produced by Yash Chopra and T Subbarami Reddy. The movie starred Sridevi, Anil Kapoor, Waheeda Rahman, Anupam Kher, Manohar Singh, etc.

Virendra Pratap Singh aka Viren (Anil Kapoor) arrives at Rajasthan with his governess Daijaan (Waheeda Rahman). Soon after, Viren meets Pallavi (Sridevi) and falls in love with her. However, he is not able to express his love. Even though he finds out that she is older than him, Viren continues to love her. Pallavi finds out that he is visiting Rajasthan for the first time and takes him on a tour of the surrounding areas. At this point, a tribal group is traveling close to them in the desert and one of the women in the group begins the song in their native tongue. Pallavi translates it into Hindi for the benefit of Viren. She also sings and dances in tune with the melody.

Song: Anand Bakshi wrote this song’s lyrics and Shiv-Hari composed the music.

The gist of the song is, “When the peahen dances in the gardens during night time, I feel a knife piercing my heart. As the peahen sings in the garden at midnight, the bangles around my wrists chime in tune with the music.” This song says that the peahen dances. However, in reality, it is the peacock, which dances during the rains.

Video: Cinematography is by Manmohan Singh. Dance choreography is by Saroj Khan.

The video opens with some tribal men and women, wearing traditional clothes, begin to sing the song in a chorus as the music starts. Ila Arun is seen singing and dancing in tune with the music. Sridevi is seen translating the song sung by Ila Arun, for the benefit of Anil Kapoor. Then, Sridevi stands up to sing and dance.

When Sridevi hits the bangles on both her hands together, she is hurt and she winces, all so beautifully. Then, it is back to dancing and singing for her. She continues to sing and dance as Ila Arun infuses her traditional flavor into the song. Sridevi is picturized from different angles and her beauty is evident in the shots.

Sridevi runs to the tribal campfire and begins to dance with Ila Arun. Anil Kapoor also follows her. Saroj Khan’s traditional choreography is commendable. The song and the dance rise to a crescendo and end there. The video also ends as Anil Kapoor watches Sridevi’s light anklet opening and falling away from her.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Ila Arun and Lata Mangeshkar and the onscreen performances are by Sridevi, Anil Kapoor, Ila Arun and others.

Cultural Influence: There is some Rajasthani folk influence on this filmi song. But, it still keeps the Bollywood character intact. The song and the artists are very good. The video is watchable for the same.


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