Preview: The Decemberists at the Old National Centre

Portland’s Primary Export, the Decemberists, Come to the Old National Centre on June 2nd

Brace yourselves brothers and sisters, I’ve got a heavy one for you today. In case you haven’t heard, none other than the Decemberists themselves will grace our little burg with their august presence. If you haven’t already bought your tickets, then there’s just nothing I can do for you. All that aside, the Decembrists play the Old National Centre on the 2nd of June. Come. Seriously, I’m making this an order, come.

A Brief History

Formed in 2000 by Colin Meloy, Jenny Conlee, and Nate Query, the Decemberists have a long and tangled history. Bearing than in mind, I’ll just give you the nickel tour.
Shortly after their formation, the Decemberists released a few EPs, but they didn’t really make an impact. That is, until 2003 when they released their first LP Castaways and Cutouts with Hush Records. While not a megahit, the album put them on the map, critically speaking. It was not until 2006 and the release of The Crane Wife that the Decemberists really came into their own. The album, which came in first in NPR’s 2006 best albums poll, remains their most critically acclaimed work to date.

Since then, the Decemberists have only grown in ambition, experimenting with a variety of different musical forms and concepts, showing no signs of slowing down.

Their Sound

Speaking purely in terms of genre, the Decemberists are a mix of folk rock, alternative, and progressive rock. A little less broadly, the Decembrists music generally has the length and complexity of prog rock while using folk motifs. Think R.E.M. but with better lyrics less jangle. Additionally, frontman Colin Meloy cites Morrisey as one of the band’s primary influences.

If you think that would sound neurotic, you are absolutely right. Fortunately, it’s the entertaining kind of neurosis, not the downer kind that makes you want to smash the stereo for ruining your day.

So, as always. The venue is the Old National Centre, show’s at 8:00PM.

See you there!

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