The Duchess of Sussex’s etiquette lessons

Okay, royal family fans, put on your best hats and get your teacup pinkies down. It’s time to take a trip to Buckingham Palace for a lesson in all things royal – – aka the royal rules of etiquette that Meghan Markle must now heed in her new role as Duchess of Sussex (say that five times fast).

The duchess did not only gain a prince (who is also now a duke) this past Saturday, when she married him in traditional royal fare at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle (Windsor, England). Along with Prince Harry came a classy new jam, by which all royalty must be bound for propriety’s sake.

Here are a few of the most interesting new rules that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, will now have to follow as fresh blood in the royal family.

1.) Bye-bye social media:

Imagine no longer being able to post your most delectable creation from last night’s dinner. Or that fantastic beach vacation that you took with 20 of your closest friends. Difficult to imagine life without Facebook or Instagram, right? Then, again, it might be nice to unplug and take a break from all of that political drama…or just drama in general. Admit it. Who hasn’t thought of deactivating our accounts even if only for a day or two? The royals might be onto something, here.

2.) No more angst-ridden nail polish:

Remember that phase we all went through a few years ago (or yesterday) where you just had to show the world how edgy and fierce you were with that emo-esque black nail polish? Yeah, it’s time to toss that stuff.  The red has to go, too. Being the Duke of Sussex’s leading lady means wearing no dark nail colors. The only nail lacquer allowed is pale polish such as the likes of Ballet Slippers by Essie. The idea behind this is that nail polish chips, obviously. We’ve all had those days when we were sporting our sassiest red, and chipped our nails to Kingdom Come opening the mail or smacking our hands into something. This can leave us looking a bit trashy or unkempt. However, if you are rocking a color that is barely noticable to begin with, a chip would be close to impossible to notice even in photos.

3.) No autographs, please:

Movie fans everywhere will be disappointed to learn that Markle will no longer be able to give out her John Hancock. That’s right. Autographs are now strictly off-limits for the Duchess and reserved only for royal documents. Hollywood will just have to get over it.

4.) I said, get that pinky down:

Every little girl who’s ever had a playset of teacups, grew up believing that you must put your pinky out while sipping your Earl Grey – -not so. The proper way to hold a teacup is actual with your pinky down, using only your thumb and index finger.

5.) Sunscreen, check.  Swimsuit, check. Funeral garb … really?

When you’re a royal, it is crucial to pack an outfit suitable for a funeral, just in case. Should there be a death, the royals must always be prepared with attire suitable for a funeral packed away alongside their vacation-wear. They must have this with them at all times, every single time they travel. Talk about putting a damper on your cruise to the Maldives.

Of course, there are more rules that the new Duchess of Sussex will now be required to follow, but these are definitely the most interesting.




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