Yodee – Africa’s Redemption – CD


Africa’s Redemption
Artist: Yodee
UPC: 884502882964


The artist fearlessly breaks the silence for millions of people who hope daily for righteouss universal change, by delivering compassionate, honest and poetic spiritual rap.

Track List:

1. Ride to Basecamp (Intro)
2. Operation Hurricane
3. Africa’s Redemption
4. J.C. Is the Man
5. Keep Moving Forward
6. Codename Jesus Vip
7. Love of Christ
8. Be a Star
9. Www. Dangerzoneza. Co. Za
10. Taking the City
11. No More Walls
12. Back Up Interlude
13. This Is for My Back Up
14. It’s About Jehovah (Outtro)


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 884502882964

Artist: Yodee

Release Date: 12/27/2011

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Africa's Redemption


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