Stromberg,william & John Morgan – America: Her People Her Stories The Battle Of Bun – CD


America: Her People Her Stories The Battle Of Bun
Artist: Stromberg,william & John Morgan
UPC: 712187488884


THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, is the first in a series of historic DocuDramas from Light a Candle Films, and Producer/Director Tony Malanowski. This first installment in the series AMERICA: HER PEOPLE, HER STORIES, is designed to teach the History of the United States in a positive, traditional and family-friendly way, while also highlighting the Christian Faith of America’s Founding Fathers. When it came time to score THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, producer Tony Malanowsky knew exactly what kind of sound he wanted and who he wanted to hire. Having met years earlier on another project in which he was the editor, Malanowsky went straight to composer William Stromberg. While more popularly known in film music circles for his role, along with fellow composer John Morgan, in reconstructing and recording faithful symphonic representations of classic film scores from Hollywood’s Golden Age, Stromberg and Morgan have also composed a number of notable film scores, both in collaboration and on their own, for several independent motion pictures.

Track List:

1. Bunker Hill Promo (2:20)
2. The Revolution Begins (6:19)
3. War Montage (2:36)
4. We the People (1:23)
5. Taxes (2:29)
6. Main Title (1:44)
7. Morgan S Stance (2:16)
8. Turn Out!! (3:15)
9. Hudson and His Son (1:48)
10. Breed S Hill (1:22)
11. Young Militiaman (1:37)
12. Rights and Resolve (1:39)
13. Digging Redoubts (0:43)
14. It S a Long Night (2:56)
15. Battle Begins (2:30)
16. The British Set Fires (1:57)
17. The Red Coats (2:44)
18. Rebels Hold Ground (2:50)
19. The Prayer (0:45)
20. The Boys Head Home (0:52)
21. The Red Coats Advance (2:13)
22. Josh Sets Out (1:23)
23. Here They Come (2:32)
24. The Rebels Retreat (1:23)
25. Finale (2:34)
26. Main Titles (Alt.) (1:45)


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 712187488884

Artist: Stromberg,william & John Morgan

Release Date: 01/03/2012

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America: Her People Her Stories The Battle Of Bun


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