Simurg Ensemble – Absences – CD


Artist: Simurg Ensemble
UPC: 885767991934


The second CD of the Simurg Ensemble sees them taking a more consistently avant-garde direction, further defining and cementing their unique sound. Track description: 1) Wolfgang Güdden: Sonate for clarinet, cello and piano – strictly classical in form, highly contemporary in material: quarter tones, glissandi and multiphonics make up a large part of the clarinet and cello parts. The piano is mainly treated as a percussion instrument, adding colour and depth to the clarinet/cello duet 2) Robert Weirauch: Tenebrae – written after a visit to the Nazi extermination camp of Buchenwald: humanity at it’s lowest, absolute darkness of the human psyche. A bleak and extreme piece 3) Robert Weirauch: Narcissus – for contrabass solo. The original version for solo cello can be found on the ensemble’s first CD, ‘Simurg Ensemble Plays Robert Weirauch’ 4) John Slangen: Volucris – written for Simurg. A short piece developing and varying several compact themes. The two parts are linked by a short clarinet cadenza 5) Juan Allende-Blin: Silences Interrompus – for clarinet, contrabass and piano. A ‘soundscape’ piece, mainly consisting of silences pierced by percussive and improvisatory gestures from the trio. At the end of the piece, the orchestration changes to historical clarinet, gusla (a small one-stringed fiddle) and Japanese bamboo bells.

Track List:

1. Sonate
2. Tenebrae
3. Narcissus
4. Volucris
5. Silences Interrompus


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 885767991934

Artist: Simurg Ensemble

Release Date: 11/29/2011

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