Secrets – Ascent – CD


Artist: Secrets
UPC: 856136002872


Kids are the real gate keepers today. And when it comes to which bands are going to pop next it’s no secret. That’s why San Diego 5-piece SECRETS is the newest addition to the Rise family. Their debut full length was produced by Tom Denney of a Day to Remember fame. The band has worked hard over the past year to play as many shows between LA & SD, to build a solid foundation & are now bringing their refined, electric live set to fans across the country. They have toured with Greeley Estates, Oh, Sleeper and have scheduled tours with Sleeping with Sirens, Abandon All Ships and many more.

Track List:

1. Genesis
2. The Oath
3. Somewhere in Hiding
4. The Heartless Part
5. 40 Below
6. Melodies
7. The Best, You Can’t Be
8. Blindside
9. The Hardest Part
10. You Look Good in Plastic
11. The Ascent


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 856136002872

Artist: Secrets

Release Date: 01/17/2012

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