Pekelo Cosma – Hona By The Sea – CD


Hona By The Sea
Artist: Pekelo Cosma
UPC: 704565713725


Pekelo’s beautiful Kiho’alu slack key style, the richness and depth of his voice transcends time and place. In bringing forth the traditional Hawaiian music, Pekelo also brought forth the healing within the music. His compassion and love carried over from his personality straight into the hearts of anyone who listens to his music. It is his gift and legacy for all…. Aloha, a simple sounding word, but in his music one has the opportunity to begin to understand the meaning … Aloha Nui Loa Pekelo for this gift of music and song. Enjoy the heart of Kiho’alo and songs of Hawaii..

Track List:

1. Ho’ohulu
2. Kaeleku Chant & Song
3. Hana by the Sea
4. Cry from a Nation
5. Na Wiliwili Eha
6. Kaho’olawe
7. Hanohano Na Kanaka
8. Pua O Molokai
9. Kaleleonalani
10. Hokey Pokey
11. Just a Simple Letter
12. Ke’ala I Kahiki
13. Ni’ihau


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: VOCAL

UPC: 704565713725

Artist: Pekelo Cosma

Release Date: 11/29/2011

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Hona By The Sea


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