Obie Trice – Bottoms Up (bonus Track) – CD


Bottoms Up (bonus Track)
Artist: Obie Trice
UPC: 881034911568


Many have been wondering what happened to Obie Trice and if he was ever going to release a new album. Well after a five year wait, Obie is back with BOTTOMS UP and it’s like he never took a break.

Track List:

1. Bottoms Up/Intro
2. Going No Where
3. Dear Lord
4. I Pretend
5. Richard
6. Bme Up
7. Battle Cry
8. Secrets
9. Spill My Drink
10. Spend the Day
11. Petty
12. My Time
13. Ups and Downs
14. Hell Yea
15. Crazy
16. Lebron On


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 881034911568

Artist: Obie Trice

Release Date: 04/03/2012

Where To Buy:

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Bottoms Up (bonus Track)


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