Nancy Wilson – This Mother’s Daughter / I’ve Never Been To Me – CD


This Mother’s Daughter / I’ve Never Been To Me
Artist: Nancy Wilson
UPC: 5013929074132


Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums on one CD: This Mother’s Daughter (1976) and I’ve Never Been to Me (1977). This Mother’s Daughter was produced by the late Eugene McDaniels (renowned songwriter/producer and recording artist in his own right) and featured star players including Dave Grusin, Hugh McCracken, George Duke Ollie Brown, Chuck Rainey, Jeff Mironov and Blue Mitchell. A top 30 U.S. R&B and Jazz-charted album, it included the Top 100 R&B single ‘Now.’ * a Top 50 R&B album, I’ve Never Been to Me was produced by the late Gene Page, who had worked with Nancy on All in Love Is Fair and Come Get to This and also featured a strong complement of musicians including Ray Parker Jr., Jay Graydon, David T. Walker, Wilton Felder, Sonny Burke James Gadson, Paulihno Da Costa Jack Ashford and others. Cherry Red.

Track List:

1. From You To Me To You
2. Love Has Smiled On Us
3. I Don’t Want A Sometimes Man
4. Tree Of Life
5. China
6. Now
7. This Mother’s Daughter
8. He Never Had It So Good
9. When We Were One
10. Stay Tuned
11. Flying High
12. All By Myself
13. Love Is Alive
14. Car Of Love
15. I’ve Never Been To Me
16. Changes
17. Patience My Child
18. Nobody
19. Here It Comes
20. Moments


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: SOUL/R & B

UPC: 5013929074132

Artist: Nancy Wilson

Release Date: 02/28/2012

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This Mother's Daughter / I've Never Been To Me


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