Meredith D’ambrosio – By Myself – CD


By Myself
Artist: Meredith D’ambrosio
UPC: 16728128520


Arthur Schwartz and his lyricists made these 14 songs as stage and screen entertainment. Yet Meredith d’Ambrosio illuminates them with beauty and emotional intensity as profound as any collection of Schubert lieder of Granados canciones. Amoung d’Ambrosio’s 17 albums, this is the first devoted to the work of a single composer.

Track List:

1. By Myself
2. Through A Thousand Dreams
3. Once Upon A Long Ago
4. If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You
5. All Through The Night
6. High And Low
7. I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plan
8. You And The Night And The Music
9. Something To Remember You By
10. Dancing In The Dark
11. Then I’ll Be Tired Of You
12. Why Go Anywhere At All?
13. I See Your Face Before Me
14. Haunted Heart


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: VOCAL

UPC: 16728128520

Artist: Meredith D’ambrosio

Release Date: 01/31/2012

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By Myself


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