Life As A Mirage – A Stubborn Persistent Illusion – CD


A Stubborn Persistent Illusion
Artist: Life As A Mirage
UPC: 884501604796


Ambient electronic collective Life as a Mirage will self-release their sophomore album A Stubborn Persistent Illusion on December 26, 2011. The Alabama-based band has successfully refined the lo-fi charm and ‘dusty circuit sounds’ of their eponymous debut and blown their sound wide open, crafting a rare Album experience that stands out in a world of instant-gratification pop singles. The music within is alternately melancholy and jubilant, but consistently cinematic and soothing even in it’s most tortured moments. A Stubborn Persistent Illusion exists in a unique space. It’s droning guitars recall seventies-era Pink Floyd, it’s synth melodies bring to mind the experimental eighties, and the stacks of sporadic, ethereal vocals would be at home on some of the best nineties shoegaze. Yet, the hybridization of such influences and makes the experience timeless, and even forward-thinking instead of retro. Aside from the soundesign aspect, the members’ individual backgrounds in more conventional music-making and songwriting has ensured that even amidst the spacescapes, there is always a stellar melody to hook the listener. For proof of this, check out the upbeat and mysterious ‘…Eyes as Frozen Lights’ or the heartbreaking epic ‘A Memory’s End’. In closing, A Stubborn Persistent Illusion is an album about marrying the highs and lows of the human experience with the lustre of the cosmos, and more than anything, about creating a purely organic, emotional experience via electronic elements. It promises to be a Favorite Record for all those will listen.

Track List:

1. Oceans Are Forever
2. Instant Amnesia
3. … Eyes As Frozen Lights
4. My Love Will Trace Your Shadow
5. The Melting Wind
6. Damascus
7. As We Watch The Sky Collapse
8. Reverse Synaptic Current
9. Why Does Your Shadow Glow?
10. Scarlet Embers
11. Stare Into The Flames
12. A Memory’s End
13. Anatomy Of A Dream In Seven Cycles
14. Slowly Drifting Down
15. [Untitled Track]
16. [Untitled Track]
17. [Untitled Track]
18. [Untitled Track]
19. [Untitled Track]
20. [Untitled Track]


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 884501604796

Artist: Life As A Mirage

Release Date: 01/03/2012

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A Stubborn Persistent Illusion


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